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Travel Advice


Google flights My favourite website for finding cheap flights, has a map search if you don’t know exactly where you want to go or feel like being spontaneous and going with the cheapest flight to wherever 🙂

Skyscanner Useful backup, sometimes finds flights which google flights misses

JetLagRooster You can design a personalised sleep pattern to reduce jetlag and get to enjoying your new destination sooner 🙂 best of all, it’s free.

Trains, Buses and Cars

Seat61 Way more useful in Asia than Eastern europe but still has some helpful information for train travel

rome2rio Great for looking at your options if you are open to travelling by train, bus, ferry or plane

BlaBlaCar Car share website, great for cheap long distance travel in Europe and way safer than hitch-hiking

Accomodation the go to booking site, though in the cheaper parts of the world its better to just show up and barter

Airbnb If you want an apartment all to yourself or to rent a room from a local (we loved this in Moldova as our host brought us to the breakaway region and gave us lots on insight)

Homestays Great website for finding home-stays around the world,so you can truly experience a place like a local and gain true connections to people and culture


India evisa Probably the most detailed visa application I have ever done

Myanmar evisa It was cheaper to apply at the embassy, but if you don’t have time or want to apply on the road this is a great option.

Tourist scams

Travel Scams Check out my blog on scams I’ve encountered

Ricky Steves A great idea before you head off to any country is to google the tourist scams there, you may think you’ve seen it all but these chancers can be very inventive! This guy has great info on scams and how to avoid them 🙂