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Krabi ?>


The boat trip was a bit of a pain in the ass, we had to change boats twice and one boat as stinking as hell lol! We arrived in Krabi at dusk, and found Mr Clean guesthouse with a massive room and a comfy bed ? We dined locally that night as we were wrecked! The following morning we got a selection of yummy pastries and coffee from the nearby bakery. We dined at the pier overlooking the pretty river…

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Ko Tao and Scuba diving ?>

Ko Tao and Scuba diving

Our ferry ride was nice enough, we chilled out inside and got some tea ? The sea was calm enough so we could read our kindles ? We arrived in Koh Tao in the morning and got picked up at the pier by the scuba shack guys. We were shown our bungalow, right on the pretty Sairee beach and explained more about our scuba course. I was so excited to go under the sea, I thought I’d explode. We got…

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Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi ?>

Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi

The border at Htee Kee was an interesting experience, we were stamped out of Myanmar and then we crossed the six kilometres of no man’s land to the Thai border! Our taxi man, chatted to the guards like old friends and he drove us the six kilometres for 7000 kyat extra ? We were super happy we didn’t have to walk as they were armed guards facing into the ditches posted every 100 metres for the whole six kilometres! The…

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Returning to Thailand..Islands,Christmas in Bangkok… ?>

Returning to Thailand..Islands,Christmas in Bangkok…

We left Cambodia with fond memories of trekking, minority groups, chasing wild elephants, eating many plants and barks in the jungle and of course the wonderful people we met ? We took the bus from Andoung tuek to Bangkok, taking 10 hours (if you’re lucky!) and costing around $19. The border crossing was easy as pie but we felt bad for the people coming the other way. They were getting scammed into a quarantine testing zone for a few dollars…

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Journey to Laos via bus and Chiang-Rai—why not the slow boat? ?>

Journey to Laos via bus and Chiang-Rai—why not the slow boat?

We didn’t immediately love Chaing-rai, probably because we had just came from magical Pai. It’s the grottier version of Chiang-mai, just didn’t have the same feel to it. We didn’t have much time there so perhaps we aren’t it a fair chance. The white temple is definitely a must see, even if you just detour up here to just see it ? It’s pure white and glittering which is in sharp contrast to the somewhat scary looking bird creatures from…

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Journey to Pai and Pai ?>

Journey to Pai and Pai

We left lovely Chiang-mai and caught the minibus to Pai, costs 150 baht (a local,cheaper bus also runs once a day but takes longer). So they call it the long and winding road to Pai,boasting 762 turns and you feel everyone of them! We stopped for a break half way and some people were throwing up, Phil was made of harder stuff and got tasty fish on a stick and we both fueled up on coffee ?. We stayed in…

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Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom ?>

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom

A big warm S̄wạs̄dī (hello) to the pretty city of Chiang Mai. This place is like a breath of fresh air (literally) after Bangkok. Take note that there’s no public buses here but there are sŏrng·tăa·ou (pronounced sing tow), these are fancy pick up trucks with benches in the back and they take you round the city for about 20 baht. However, they go in a random direction, picking up other passengers as they go! Do take a red one…

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Sleeper train to Chiang Mai-hostel on tracks ?>

Sleeper train to Chiang Mai-hostel on tracks

So we took the sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it is advised to book this well in advance as the tickets sell out really fast (especially for the train leaving in the evening). We got the train at half two and it cost 1200 baht for the two of us for a second class ticket. Well it was an experience I can tell you! The windows are open so you get a lovely cool breeze and see some…

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Boating Bangkok ?>

Boating Bangkok

We took the boat to china town, please note that there are two boats, a tourist boat which does the same thing but costs more and the public boat! The tourist boat is 40 baht one way and the public boat is 14 baht one way. This was a lovely way to travel, cooling with how fast the boat goes and a great way to see the city ?? China town is basically like one humongous flea market where you…

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First impressions of Bangkok/survival guide ?>

First impressions of Bangkok/survival guide

As we entered this buzzing and somewhat suffocating city (now understanding why even the dogs wear masks!) we became aware of several things worth noting. Every tuk tuk and taxi driver is overly eager to become your new best friend, it is a much better option to take the local buses. This is true of everywhere in the world! We have seen no tourists on the buses but for 20 cent you can travel round the city with air con…

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