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Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi ?>

Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi

The border at Htee Kee was an interesting experience, we were stamped out of Myanmar and then we crossed the six kilometres of no man’s land to the Thai border! Our taxi man, chatted to the guards like old friends and he drove us the six kilometres for 7000 kyat extra ? We were super happy we didn’t have to walk as they were armed guards facing into the ditches posted every 100 metres for the whole six kilometres! The…

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South Myanmar ?>

South Myanmar

We returned to mandalay for a rest before we headed to the unexplored south. We took a taxi out to Mandalay hill and I must say it is really worth a visit. You get an amazing view of the city from the top and on the way up there are pretty gardens all dedicated to love. By the way, you can take off your flip flops and carry them with you (all the locals do!), they claim you can’t as…

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Hsipaw trek ?>

Hsipaw trek

We woke up early the next morning and I was glad of my cute fluffy hat! After a quick breakfast of copious amounts of coffee,peanut rice and egg, we were off. There were five of us in our group, us, an Ozzy guy called Gavin, his French friend Julie and our local guide Jimi. He was dressed in typical Shan fashion, wearing colourful baggy trousers and a straw hat ? Our first stop was at a noodle factory to see…

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Mandalay and Hsipaw ?>

Mandalay and Hsipaw

A few more Burmese habits became clear to me when we reached the city of Mandalay. We seen that the majority of Burmese people wear face paint (men, women and kids!), we found out later it’s to keep them cool and protect them from the sun. I also learnt that parasols here are multi-functional, not only working as a guard against the sun but as a shield for kissing privately. Public displays of affection aren’t tolerated well and so couples…

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Myanmar – get in before tourism takes over ?>

Myanmar – get in before tourism takes over

I knew going to Myanmar that we wouldn’t encounter many fellow long noses there lol! We took a flight with the cutest budget airline Nok Air (plane painted like a bird, beak and all!). As I looked around the flight I realised we were the only white people, I, the only blonde in a sea of black! The flight was very pleasant and we even got free banana cake ? We got a taxi into the city centre, cost us…

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