Dazzled in Dubai ?>

Dazzled in Dubai

We transferred through Doha which featured an Irish bar and several business men dressed in Dishdasha which was lovely to see. On arrival in Dubai airport, it took us forever to get through passport control and we were wondering where this fast paced UAE was that we had heard all about!

However we emerged from the airport metro to be truly dazzled, it was like we had been propelled several years into the future. Dubai city centre literally glitters, everything you see seems to be dripping in wealth, it was such a contrast from where we had been, we were honestly dazed! We arrived to our very reasonably priced hotel to be very pleasantly surprised at how big our room was and how classy the rooftop pool looked 🙂 Dubai can definitely be done on a budget as well as being a luxurious destination.

We checked out the mall and the stunning souk selling exquisite jewellery (which after all our travelling, we could not afford!) We had the most amazing milkshakes ever at Million Dollar Shakes (definitely worth a visit, I can almost taste it now just thinking about it!) We discovered how friendly everyone in Dubai was to us and truly felt welcomed in the space like city 🙂 We wished to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa but it worked out as too expensive. My advice is to buy tickets in advance as the view from it must be amazing 🙂 Dubai features parks and museums which are cheap to enter for backpackers like ourselves (Dubai Museum)

Our next adventure was to the Miracle Garden and it really is a miracle how such colour and beauty can be found in the middle of a desert! It is a super place for both couples and families. We seen many kids giggling at all the interesting designs made from the pretty flowers.

For eating out, you can sample all kinds of wondrous flavours at Ravi you will roll out of there with a full belly and still have a rather full wallet too 🙂

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We weren’t ready to go home just yet, so we decided to head to Eastern Europe. Our first stop being Romania.

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