Penang…second time around ?>

Penang…second time around

Our second visit to Penang was better than our first, we found a nicer guesthouse called just inn which was kept super clean and was quiet ? we got the free Cat bus there ? It’s so handy as you can get it right near the boat pier ?

We took the bus out to Penang hill and rode the funicular to the top. We were rewarded with a stunning view over Penang ? We decided to walk back down to the gardens, on our way down we met several monkeys, one of whom decided to run at me,thinking he didn’t like the paparazzi or that my phone was food but I escaped unharmed lol!

We reached the bottom after a time and were too tired to truly explore the gardens!

We took the bus back to our place and chilled for a while ? Our place had free tea and coffee which like all good backpackers we availed of to no end lol!

The next day we took our flight to the Philippines ? exciting times ahead ?

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