Langkawi take 2 ?>

Langkawi take 2

So we sat in the bus station and booked our flight (for 3 hours time!) to Langkawi. Cost us the small sum of 20 euro (never got a last minute flight so cheap in my life!) Flying out of KL was something else, it’s like a city in the midst of a jungle, I was super happy to be soaring above it ? The landing into langkawi was just as special, flying over the sandy beach and seeing the mountain shaped like a face ?

We stayed again at the backpacker area of Cenang beach in Rainbow lodge, this time we got our own little bungalow with a terrace for chilling in your hammock ? It’s a really super place, good value and the guys are really cheery and full of info on the place ? We spent our days lazing on the beach at at the Aseana resort, just buy a drink and you can use their pools at your leisure ? We were spoilt with wave pools, calm lazy river rides and a generally awesome time of it ? We also discovered a gelato bar en route, very¬†tasty and much needed as Malaysia is scorching! I even sampled the Malay tea malik gelato, not for me but good to try something new!

In the evenings we either hung out at Rainbow Lodge in the common area chatting or went out in search of street food and cheap beers? We ate at queens of course, we missed the nasi pattaya ? We also ate in some new places but queens is definitely my favourite for price, atmosphere and taste ?

I went shopping one day and picked up some gifts and sarongs, all reasonably priced and of better quality than a lot of the rest of asia, woohoo.

We did a day trip one day, arranged from our place so was handy out. We took a speed boat out to the pregnant lady lake where it is said if you drink the water you will give birth within a year (you’ve been warned!) The hills surrounding the lake form the shape of a pregnant lady and it was a lovely serene place to swim ? We then¬†went to the eagle feeding site and fed the eagles, it was awesome seeing these majestic birds swooping down to nab the food. Our final destination was to a quite beach with monkeys ? We climbed up a rocky path to get a fabulous view of our surroundings. It reminded me of cat ba with all the rocks jutting out of the water ? Many Malaysian visitors also made the trip and it was interesting seeing them swimming in the water fully clothed with their pretty head-scarfs.Then we sped back to shore, I was very thankful for my life jacket and the boat went at some speed, flying out of the water!
We met a Canadian couple in one of the restaurants and they gave us great tips on India and elsewhere. They travel for six months of the year every year so were full of knowledge ?

We then ventured back to Penang to catch our flight to the Philippines and meet my Dad ?

More on that next time,

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