Funky Melaka ?>

Funky Melaka

Melaka was exactly how I thought Malaysia would look, it’s a super cool place.

We stayed in a funky hostel just off Jonker street (Ringo’s), ran by a French woman with funny signs all over making demands of you but in a humorous manner lol! One such sign was over the washing machine on the rooftop, stating that if you used it without paying, you only shame yourself and your family! Very catholic of them, Lol! The stairs had welcome greetings in different languages including Irish, woohoo ?

We got lunch in a friendly Chinese restaurant where the owner was intrigued to learn of our travels ?

We got lucky as we arrived on the weekend when they have the big market on Jonker street, closing it off to all cars. We went on a tasting tour of the stalls, sampling juices, Taiwanese egg burgers, Malay fried chicken and Malay cakes ? They also had a massive fish section, if you like that sort of thing! We also got to see Malay dancing and karaoke (of course) on a stage they had set up at the bottom, the Asians do love their karaoke. Walking along the river was lovely and romantic with twinkling lights and boats rowing along. What was super special about Melaka though was the way over the top trishaws, lavishly decorated with hello kitty and the likes and pumping out 80’s pop music!

We moved on to Kuala Lumpur via another cheap ass luxurious buses (how spoilt we felt after the other Asian buses). We weren’t sure of where to go after but Phil wanted cheap beer and we liked Langkawi so much the first time round, we decided to return! This time we chose to fly (how non backpacker like of us!)

Next block will be all about our return to pretty, laid back Langkawi ?

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