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The boat trip was a bit of a pain in the ass, we had to change boats twice and one boat as stinking as hell lol! We arrived in Krabi at dusk, and found Mr Clean guesthouse with a massive room and a comfy bed ? We dined locally that night as we were wrecked!

The following morning we got a selection of yummy pastries and coffee from the nearby bakery. We dined at the pier overlooking the pretty river and boats. We joined a couple of English ladies for a boat tour of the mangroves, we seen the crazy trees growing in the water and the life inside of them ? There were monkeys galore calling out to their mates ? We stopped at a fish farm where a local guy showed us all the fish and let me feed them. They snatched the food right out of my hand so the English women were a bit scared of the lol! I really loved seeing the puffer fish and holding him and seeing him puff out like he was magic! I was having such fun I forgot about the way they are poisonous, I later learned they are only poison if you eat them! Phew, haha!

That night, I had a magical massage that cost me less than a fiver. It even managed to soothe my hurt ear! The oil smelled beautiful and made my skin silky soft ? I had to fit in one final Thail oil massage! Haha. We had a monster feast at the night market which housed a tonne of every kind of food, tasty thai noodles, fried meats and even a cake stand. The cake was so creamy and moist, it was truly heavenly ?. The next day booked a bus transfer to Satun which was a bit of a nightmare! Let’s just put it all down to experience lol! First, we were picked up by the wrong minivan, shur we could of ended up anywhere haha! We were thrown off at a restaurant where we were picked up by thr right minivan, we hoped lol! We drove for a while and got thrown off at a bus station which didn’t even sell coffee! Grr lol. We then caught a tuk tuk with an English guy and his bike to the pier! Now that was a fun trip! We caught a boat to Langkawi in Malaysia which took a couple of hours and was a comfy trip with a movie showing and all ?

Our next blog will tell of our Malaysian escapades ?

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