Ko Tao and Scuba diving ?>

Ko Tao and Scuba diving

Our ferry ride was nice enough, we chilled out inside and got some tea ? The sea was calm enough so we could read our kindles ? We arrived in Koh Tao in the morning and got picked up at the pier by the scuba shack guys. We were shown our bungalow, right on the pretty Sairee beach and explained more about our scuba course. I was so excited to go under the sea, I thought I’d explode. We got lunch in an awesome beach hut cafe on the beach, the food was tasty, the portions were big and the prices were small (all things that warm a backpackers heart lol). We explored Sairee and hung out at the pool ?

We began our PADI course that evening, we watched a video, read our books and filled out some quizzes helped along by numerous cups of free tea and coffee ? The next day, was our first day our on the boat and in the sea ? We met another guy Noe who was completing the course with us but doing the theory parts in German ? We met our instructor Vincent who was a great guy, tonnes of fun and had lots of experience diving around the world. We got kitted out with gear and were shown the ropes, we carried out some skills training and some diving in not so deep water. I struggled jumping off the boat with all my gear weighing me down so I face planted the water (redface!). I am positively buoyant so needed a tonne of weights lol! We then headed on to do some real diving!I am positively buoyant so needed a tonne of weights lol! After we were done diving, we were treated to free tea and coffee, yummy biscuits and fresh fruits ? That evening we ate out in a lovely Thai restaurant on the main stretch ? We also dined on street food and yummy shakes ?

The next day, we had another dive to 12 metres. Our dive site was amazing, it was called Japanese Gardens and was choc full of life ? I felt like a mermaid ? We practiced more skills and learned the language of diving, Phil hated the mask skill lol! When we were finished being mermaids/men we resurfaced for more skills and swam on our backs towards the boat. I needed help getting back onto the boat with all the extra weight I was carrying, the Thai captain would laugh at me as he pulled me up into the boat ? We had a feast of fresh fruit, nice biscuits and tea. It is amazing how hungry diving makes you and how chilly you get after a while. When we got back to Scuba Shack, we were taught how to rinse out our gear to keep it in good nick ? Then we enjoyed a few drinks at the resort with everyone ?

Our last day of diving came way too soon! We got up at the crack of dawn and headed out to see before dawn, it was an incredible experience to see the sunrise out at sea ? An underwater camera guy came wit us to film our final dives ? Vincent gave us the low down on our dives and told us all the fish and plants we should see under the sea ? We were all super excited to get diving. We descended along the mooring line from the ship and when we got to the bottom it was unreal how beautiful it was. It was a rainbow of colour with fishes of every sort dancing around you ? We all swam around together and it was the best experience of my life ? When we were ascending, my ear hurt like hell and when I popped it, I felt a crazy weird sensation of buzzing and bubbles coming from my ear. I ascended and my ear was bleeding. I sat out the final dive and chilled up on the sun deck of the boat with tea and treats ? I went to the doctor and was told I perforated my ear drum, fun times. It didn’t hurt so bad so it was ok and the doctor was cheap as chips so all in all wasn’t so bad. All the scuba crew were so lovely to me and very caring, they really are great people ? That night, we took a stroll down to the nightlife area where we seen a few sights like ladyboys for instance lol! The next morning we got the boat and bus to Krabi.

Our next blog will be full of Krabi tales ?

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