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Month: January 2016

Langkawi take 2 ?>

Langkawi take 2

So we sat in the bus station and booked our flight (for 3 hours time!) to Langkawi. Cost us the small sum of 20 euro (never got a last minute flight so cheap in my life!) Flying out of KL was something else, it’s like a city in the midst of a jungle, I was super happy to be soaring above it ? The landing into langkawi was just as special, flying over the sandy beach and seeing the mountain…

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Funky Melaka ?>

Funky Melaka

Melaka was exactly how I thought Malaysia would look, it’s a super cool place. We stayed in a funky hostel just off Jonker street (Ringo’s), ran by a French woman with funny signs all over making demands of you but in a humorous manner lol! One such sign was over the washing machine on the rooftop, stating that if you used it without paying, you only shame yourself and your family! Very catholic of them, Lol! The stairs had welcome…

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Cameron highlands ?>

Cameron highlands

We arrived in the Cameron highlands and checked out twin pines accommodation as recommended in the guidebook for backpackers. The room had more mosquitoes than the mossy forest so we say no thanks to that one! We ended up staying in an inn up the road for 15 dollars a night which was a lovely looking spot with beautiful greenery around it ? We took a look around the pretty town and got a bite to eat in the Indian…

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George town, penang ?>

George town, penang

We bought our tickets at the ferry terminal saving us a few ringgit rather than buying it from our guest house ? We had a tasty breakfast of yummy pastries from Bread Story and boarded our boat for George Town Penang. The journey passed quickly as a James Bond movie played on the screen and the views out to see were pretty. We arrived in George town in the early afternoon and set about finding a place to lay our…

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langkawi ?>


We reached Langkawi in the afternoon and caught a taxi to the backpacking area of Cenang beach, The taxis are fixed prices in Langkawi so unlike the rest of Asia you won’t have to barter hard for a half decent price or even a half decent one lol! Most journeys around the island cost 30 ringgit for up to four people ? We arrived in the only backpacking area of the island at Cenang beach and searched high and low…

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Krabi ?>


The boat trip was a bit of a pain in the ass, we had to change boats twice and one boat as stinking as hell lol! We arrived in Krabi at dusk, and found Mr Clean guesthouse with a massive room and a comfy bed ? We dined locally that night as we were wrecked! The following morning we got a selection of yummy pastries and coffee from the nearby bakery. We dined at the pier overlooking the pretty river…

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Ko Tao and Scuba diving ?>

Ko Tao and Scuba diving

Our ferry ride was nice enough, we chilled out inside and got some tea ? The sea was calm enough so we could read our kindles ? We arrived in Koh Tao in the morning and got picked up at the pier by the scuba shack guys. We were shown our bungalow, right on the pretty Sairee beach and explained more about our scuba course. I was so excited to go under the sea, I thought I’d explode. We got…

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Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi ?>

Htee Kee crossing and Kanchanaburi

The border at Htee Kee was an interesting experience, we were stamped out of Myanmar and then we crossed the six kilometres of no man’s land to the Thai border! Our taxi man, chatted to the guards like old friends and he drove us the six kilometres for 7000 kyat extra ? We were super happy we didn’t have to walk as they were armed guards facing into the ditches posted every 100 metres for the whole six kilometres! The…

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South Myanmar ?>

South Myanmar

We returned to mandalay for a rest before we headed to the unexplored south. We took a taxi out to Mandalay hill and I must say it is really worth a visit. You get an amazing view of the city from the top and on the way up there are pretty gardens all dedicated to love. By the way, you can take off your flip flops and carry them with you (all the locals do!), they claim you can’t as…

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Hsipaw trek ?>

Hsipaw trek

We woke up early the next morning and I was glad of my cute fluffy hat! After a quick breakfast of copious amounts of coffee,peanut rice and egg, we were off. There were five of us in our group, us, an Ozzy guy called Gavin, his French friend Julie and our local guide Jimi. He was dressed in typical Shan fashion, wearing colourful baggy trousers and a straw hat ? Our first stop was at a noodle factory to see…

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