Kampot and Kep ?>

Kampot and Kep

We arrived in Kampot town handily via minivan with pick up from our hotel ? What a contrast to the rest of Cambodia! This place is so clean with many expensive cars and so many French tourists, you’d swear you were in Cannes! It’s more expensive to stay and eat here in general but we found a great budget restaurant called Captain Chims with yummy fish and chips (so good to not have grizzly pork and rice lol). We got lucky with the timing of our visit as there was the sea festival happening featuring stalls with local produce from cosmetics to food. There are also activities for kids to do and sporting events etc to watch. It attracts many of the richer Khmers as well as tourists and gives a great boost to the area. We booked the sunset and firefly cruise and it didn’t disappoint. Our boat was a double decker so you could sit up top and watch the fabulous views of the sunset and the local fishermen heading out for their nightly catch ? We were waved to by many of their kids learning the trade. The first bridge we came too was very low and we¬†had to lie down in order not to bang our heads off it! Good thing we were looking that way lol! Health and Safety isn’t really a big deal in Cambodia even in the upmarket places. The highlight of the cruise was seeing the fireflies, they were just amazing, like twinkling lights covering the trees on the river side. Our boat played some Christmas tunes which added to the atmosphere ? It was our first real feel of Christmas in Cambodia.


The next day, we headed to Kep, cost us 2 dollars from Captain Chims (bargain). The best thing about Kep is the beach, it’s right in the centre of town and no vendors hassle you as you sunbathe ? The water is shallow for a good bit out to sea so it’s very safe to swim and the water is lovely and blue ? You cannot go to Kep and not sample the crab, it’s everywhere from street stalls to buckets at the beach to the restaurants. Kep has a similar feel to kampot just more laid back. We had the beach mostly to ourselves ?


Next we head Chi Phat, I’m really¬†looking forward to this adventure! We will be in the jungle with the wild elephants ?

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