Angor What? ?>

Angor What?

So we arrived in Siem Reap, to be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers yet again! It’s such a funny experience makes you feel like a celebrity being hounded by the paps trying to get you best side! We went hunting for accommodation and found some near the infamous pub street for a tenner a night. We went exploring and it felt more like being in Europe than here, so so many western bars and restaurants including all the chains like KFC etc. We went in for coffee and got fresh milk instead of sweet milk (very disappointing!). Pub street is something else! It has to be one of the seediest places on earth, we got offered every kind of drug under the sun by the tuk tuk drivers and Phil was offered many a lady (sex tourism is high here ? ) We didn’t get a wink of sleep in partyville so we moved to the riverside the next morning, it was like being in a different world, so peaceful ? We ate at Rosys owned by an expat who knows how to make a decent breakfast. We then rented white bikes (which support charity ) and biked to Angor Wat.

It costs 20 dollars for a day pass and it’s well worth it as the place is huge! The first think we came across were some friendly monkeys, one of whom tried to steal my bike lol! We seen many temples, each as fascinating as the next. We seen intricate carvings, huge Buddha faces, funky elephant carvings and much more. We rested up in a restaurant, we were hungry after our biking but settled on drinks as the prices out here are sky high! The lady said she would do us a discount of a dollar (we must have looked rough from cycling in the heat and the red dust!) Oh Cambodia, you crazy place! We cut down a dirt track to see one of the temples and came across a family who live here just going about their daily grind in the midst of all the splendour! We were all templed out by the time we reached Angor Wat itself (don’t listen to the guidebooks, see it first when you are full of energy and can truly appreciate it). After playing with the monkeys at the exit, we were on our way. We ate again in Rosys (making the┬ámost of good western food whilst we could), home made chips and lots of them made me one happy girl ? The next day we got the bus to Battambang (4 hours, $5)

Join us for our adventures in Battambang

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