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Mandalay and Hsipaw ?>

Mandalay and Hsipaw

A few more Burmese habits became clear to me when we reached the city of Mandalay. We seen that the majority of Burmese people wear face paint (men, women and kids!), we found out later it’s to keep them cool and protect them from the sun. I also learnt that parasols here are multi-functional, not only working as a guard against the sun but as a shield for kissing privately. Public displays of affection aren’t tolerated well and so couples…

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Myanmar – get in before tourism takes over ?>

Myanmar – get in before tourism takes over

I knew going to Myanmar that we wouldn’t encounter many fellow long noses there lol! We took a flight with the cutest budget airline Nok Air (plane painted like a bird, beak and all!). As I looked around the flight I realised we were the only white people, I, the only blonde in a sea of black! The flight was very pleasant and we even got free banana cake ? We got a taxi into the city centre, cost us…

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Returning to Thailand..Islands,Christmas in Bangkok… ?>

Returning to Thailand..Islands,Christmas in Bangkok…

We left Cambodia with fond memories of trekking, minority groups, chasing wild elephants, eating many plants and barks in the jungle and of course the wonderful people we met ? We took the bus from Andoung tuek to Bangkok, taking 10 hours (if you’re lucky!) and costing around $19. The border crossing was easy as pie but we felt bad for the people coming the other way. They were getting scammed into a quarantine testing zone for a few dollars…

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Chiphat – trekking in the jungle ?>

Chiphat – trekking in the jungle

Of all the places we have been, we really fell in love with this place and the idea behind it. It’s set in the Cardamom mountains which are home to wild elephants ? Once notorious for logging and poaching, it is known an eco tourism spot for trekking, elephant spotting and homestays. We arrived here from Kep, the bus dropped us at a wooden hut in Andoung Teuk which felt like the middle of nowhere! Lucky for us, the girl…

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Kampot and Kep ?>

Kampot and Kep

We arrived in Kampot town handily via minivan with pick up from our hotel ? What a contrast to the rest of Cambodia! This place is so clean with many expensive cars and so many French tourists, you’d swear you were in Cannes! It’s more expensive to stay and eat here in general but we found a great budget restaurant called Captain Chims with yummy fish and chips (so good to not have grizzly pork and rice lol). We got…

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Cambodian coast, the good, the bad,the ugly! ?>

Cambodian coast, the good, the bad,the ugly!

So we had the bus ride from hell to get here! (the bad, the very bad!)! We were sold a direct ticket from battambang to Sihanoukville, it was meant to take 10 hours. We left Battambang at 7.30 am and arrived in Sihanoukville at 11pm! There was a stop of two hours in Phnom Penh and a change of bus and a beyond crap driver to the coast who must have thought he was driving a tractor (did not go…

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Battambang-hidden gem of Cambodia ?>

Battambang-hidden gem of Cambodia

We arrived at the bus station just outside Battambang to be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers yet again, we were drawn to one guy with a kind face and a sign advertising fifty cents anywhere in town. To go with him was one of the best decisions we have made on this trip, his name was YaYa and was the funniest, most genuine guy ? He took us to a cheap hotel and gave us lots of info on what…

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Angor What? ?>

Angor What?

So we arrived in Siem Reap, to be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers yet again! It’s such a funny experience makes you feel like a celebrity being hounded by the paps trying to get you best side! We went hunting for accommodation and found some near the infamous pub street for a tenner a night. We went exploring and it felt more like being in Europe than here, so so many western bars and restaurants including all the chains like…

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Banlung – Trekking zone ?>

Banlung – Trekking zone

So after our crazy bus journey to Banlung, we arrived at the bus station, met with more craziness! Around 15 people surrounded us with pictures of guesthouses and offers of free tuk tuk rides to them, it was very overwhelming, in the end we decided to go with a girl as she was friendly and the only girl ? Her name was Reanska, we all hopped into a tuk tuk and headed for a guesthouse on the lake near the…

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