Phnom Pehn …..A whole new feel in Cambodia from Vietnam ?>

Phnom Pehn …..A whole new feel in Cambodia from Vietnam

So the border crossing into Cambodia was something of a cattle mart, utter chaos! When you take a bus, they take all the passports and hand them in in piles for supposed efficiency! lol. The first thing we noticed was that the people even the tuk tuk drivers here are far fairer with their prices than in Vietnam and also make you feel less like a walking ATM which is how you feel in Nam (don’t get me wrong we loved our time there and the Sapa people weren’t like this at all ?) They have Angkor beer on draft for 75 cents making Phil a happy guy.

When we arrived at our hostel by the lake, we felt like we were walking into a coffee shop in Amsterdam, weed everywhere, you can even get it on your pizza for a dollar, it;s nuts! BTW, The lake and the river are the best place for backpackers accommodation ? We explored the city, it’s a nice city with a fabulous central market where you can haggle for great deals, they start off at pretty good prices so its not hard work ? We then went to the central temple, it has lovely¬†grounds to walk around and had coffee by the river.

In Cambodia you can get the condensed milk coffee (sweet milk coffee) or fresh milk. We have now grown very fond of the sweet milk coffee ? We took the bus to Kratie with Sorya company near the central market costing $7,it took 7 hours with two stops for food. The road is in good condition and the food is good at the stops, we even got iced coffees and doughnuts for dessert.


IMG_3163 IMG_3150 IMG_3128 IMG_3134

When we arrived in mellow Kratie we couldn’t wait to explore, that’s what the next blog will be ?

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