Ho Chi Minh City ?>

Ho Chi Minh City

The capital of the south! We got a taxi in from the airport (use vinasun as these are the trusted guys) to our hostel in district 1 right in the hub of things ? We could see our street was full of street vendors and cafes so it was all good. The next day we walked to the park and relaxed in the shade, its a city with a billion thins happening at once so calls for some escape!

Then visited the war remnants museum. The museum itself was interesting and harrowing at times with some brutal photographs and newspaper clippings. However its as much propaganda as it is history with a very “go communism!” feel to it! The tanks and planes in the courtyard are worth a gawk at as are the replica cells including barber wire cages! ?

We explored the city and the street food and had more tasty Bahn (but didn’t live up to the Hoi-An Bahn!) Got tasty fruit shakes woohoo for only 15,000 dong (score!) A wee word of warning on the coffee, if you get a large, you are paying extra for a bigger cup with air in it! This happened to us in┬áthree different spots. Luckily our hotel owner made us nice big, free coffees ? We then booked our bus with Sapaco to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (find them opposite the bus station in district 1 on Pham Ngu Lao) So, it will be Ciao Vietnam, it’s been really nice getting to know you ?

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