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Cat ba 2

Our next few days in Cat ba were lovely and it was the perfect place for me to spend my birthday 🙂 I got a present of a Vietnamese massage and it was both exhilarating and calming! My masseuse was around 4 foot and strong as an ox, she was a lovely lady and I gave her a good tip (I feel like the masseurs don’t get enough of the fee you give the reception desk for all the work they do! )

We decided we would head out to the national park on the public bus, it’s not easy to find info on where you get the bus but it parks near the quay and arrives randomly! You can rent a motorbike and head out yourself, they are cheap and it’s pretty safe as the road is fairly quiet compared to most of Vietnam anyways! You must decide which trek you wish to do as you pay a different amount depending on which one you do. We chose the middle length trek and we loved wondering though the jungle seeing snakes and huge spiders and listening to the birds 🙂 There are lemurs in the park but it is rare to see them.

We took the evening bus and chose to try mango restaurant for dinner, the food was delicious but the service wasn’t great compared to Dolphin. The next day, after yet another epic breakfast in My way, we ventured down to the pretty beach. It’s a short walk or e-bus ride from town and tends to be pretty quite. The water was lovely and calm for a swim.

We truly had a blissful time in Catba but wanderlust grabbed us again and we set off for Hoi-an via Hanoi 🙂

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