Mama Sung Homestay – Sapa 2 ?>

Mama Sung Homestay – Sapa 2

Our heads were in bits the next day but Mama Sung had the cure, Mama Tee and her daughter (whose 8!) made us breakfast, tonnes of coffee and yummy pancakes with bananas and home grown honey. With full bellies, we began our trek, walking a different path than yesterday.

The mist had lifted and we seen the incredible views of Sapa, the rice terraces and mountains, it was like a postcard ? We crossed a not so sturdy suspension bridge, followed by a moped (these guys will drive anywhere!) We seen a beautiful waterfall and Jack and I dove in for a swim, it was ice cold but refreshing, especially with a hangover. We trekked some more and it was time to say goodbye to Mama Sung, we hugged and kissed and she gave me a present of a bag she had made, it is very beautiful and I bought some more. We then took motorbike taxis back to Sapa, Phil and mine raced each other which was an experience, let me tell you! All this for $15 but it was priceless really.

Next we catch the sleeper train to the big smoke (Hanoi). To get to the train station, you must take the yellow local bus from near the church to Lao Cai train station, don’t listen to the taxi guys saying to go with them and promising you the same price as the local bus! You will be dropped in the middle of nowhere and told you must pay more to get to the station!


Next up are tales of the big smoke 🙂

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